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Manufacturing Locations

UKB Electronics has operating with a multi-location manufacturing setup since decades now. The manufacturing facilities are spread across India covering all regions geographically and also ensuring to cater to different types of industries located in different regions of the country. 

UKB takes pride in supplying material to most of its customers on JIT (Just in Time) basis owing to it's pan-India strategically located manufacturing units.


The Noida facility is strategically located in the heart of Noida and also serves as the Corporate Head Office. Being the oldest and the biggest plant, it has an extremely talented team of leaders catering to customers in Northern Region of India. 

The Noida facility not only caters to end customers but also caters to few other UKB locations for some products and services that are centralized in HO. 


The Neemrana facility is a green field project set up by UKB Electronics to live up to it's heritage of being one of the pioneers to bring any new technology to the country.
This facility has the E-Beam Machine facility which is a first of it's kind in India. This facility complies to world standards and is built to deliver technically advanced products to a wide variety of industries in addition to the one's UKB currently serves. 


The Goa facility is located very close by to the beautiful city of Panaji and caters to some key strategic customers located in the area. 

This facility goes to show the commitment to customers whereas a strategically located facility in the vicinity of major customers gives them a better control over their supply chain. 


The Pune facility is a very important facility considering the Industrial heritage that Pune city holds. The facility is well equipped to handle any product independently and caters to customers right from Central India to Mid-South. 


The Chennai facility is located strategically in the Industrial area outside Chennai where major industries have flourished for ages. 

Being the gateway to Southern India, this facility is an important part of UKB as it helps to keep customers in the southern region satisfied with express service and response from this facility. 

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