IEC 08

This specification covers single core,PVC  insulated cables,  intended for  internal  wiring in  dry locations,concealed in conduits, Type IEC 08 for   flexible   conductor
( 0.5mm² to 2.5mm² cross-sectional area) rated 300/500 V; or intended for Electrical Instrument telecommunications broadcasting, electronic equipment and automation devices, such as shielding lines.

Ref Standard :- IEC 60227
Temp Rating :- 90°C
Rated Voltage :- 300/500V.
Insulation :- PVC based thermoplastic material,conforming to the 
   applicable requirements of IEC 60227.
Conductor :- As per IEC 60228.
Marking :- Wires are Printed with UKB IEC 08 (RV-90)  300/500V
Application :- Electrical Instrument telecommunications broadcasting,
                                   electronic equipment and automation devices, such as 
                                   shielding lines.
Color :- All Color
Packing :- 90 Mtr in carton & 180 Mtr in Shrink Pack. 

UL 1007

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