Cross Linked Building & AWM Cable



The E-Beam Cross-linking enhances the material properties viz. physical properties, higher temperature withstand capability, higher current carrying capacity and thus increased life of these cables. The e-beam cross-linking technology not only increases life and the current carrying capacity, but also prevents fires due to overload short circuits and thus saves precious lives and property. Because of increased life and performance compared to conventional cables, e-beam cross-linked cables are being adopted in all high-tech applications such as railways, ship-wiring, nuclear plants, defense, solar power, aerospace, and automotive sectors.


Due to increased current carrying capacity and thus prevention of fire due to overload short circuits, these wires and cables are best suitable for internal wiring for high rise Buildings, Shopping Malls, Public Buildings, Petrol Chemical Plants, Fire prone areas, Fuel Dispensing Bunks, Airports, Crowded Public places, Schools, Power Stations, Sensor leads, Solenoid valves, Hospitals, Signal Systems, heaters, Lighting fixtures, Plant and Machinery, Outdoor Traffic systems, Motor Winding, White goods, Control panels, Switchboards & Industrial applications etc.


Product Construction:


Conductor - Flexible Bare / Tinned Copper Conductor as per IS 8130, BS 6360, IEC 60228 & BS EN 60228 
Insulation - E-Beam Cross-linked PVC  / XLPE / EPR / EVA with HR, FR & ZHLS Properties
Separator - Non-Hygroscopic Tape (for Multi Core Cable)
Sheath - E-Beam Cross-linked PVC  / XLPE / EPR / EVA with HR, FR & ZHLS Properties

Reference Standards:


Generally as per IS 17048

Technical Data:


Temperature Range - (– ) 40°C to (+) 120° C
Voltage Rating - 600 / 1100 Volt
Test Voltage - 3.5 kV for 5 minutes



Halogen free Flame Retardant.
Low Smoke Non Toxic.
Weather Resistant.
High Abrasion Resistance.
Ozone & UV Resistant.
Oil & Grease Resistant.
High Tracking Resistance.
Soldering Iron Resistant.
High Current Carrying Capacity.

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