Degaussing Cable


Degaussing is a process in which systems of electrical cables are installed around the circumference of ship’s hull, running from bow to stern on both sides. A measured electrical current is passed through these cables to cancel out the ship’s magnetic field. It could be said that degaussing, correctly done, makes a ship “invisible” to the sensors of magnetic mines, but the ship remains visible to the human eye, radar, and underwater listening devices.

Special cables are used to demagnetize the ship's hull as it cuts through the water, thus reducing the threat from mines.

Product Construction:


Construction - Multicore / Multi Pair Cables
Unscreened or Individually & / or Collectively Screened  
Limited Fire Hazard Sheathed.
Conductor - Circular Annealed Bare / Tinned Copper conductor.
(Class - 5 as per IEC 60228 / IS : 8130 / BS : 6360)
Insulation - EPR/ HEPR / LFH Material
Screening - Annealed Tinned Copper Braid : Individually & / or Collectively Screened
Outer Sheath - LFH / Halogen free and Flame Retardant - Thermoset Polyolefin / EVA based Elastomeric Compound (Black)
(Optional GI wire braid armoured)

Reference Standards:


VG 952 18.


Technical Data:


Temperature Range - (-) 30° C to (+) 110° C
Rated Voltage (U°/U) - 0.6/1 kV
Bending Radius(Min) - 5 x Cable Diameter
Short-circuit temp. (max.) - 2800C



Flame retardant: IEC – 60332-3 (Cat A)
Halogen free: IEC 60754 / 1-2
Oil Resistant

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