Ear Phones Manufacturers

UKB Electronics is one of the prime manufacturers of Ear Phones in India and caters mainly to the OEM Market manufacturing these Ear Phones under strict quality control using highly skilled manpower. 

These earphones come in various models and are completely customized based on customer requirement. 

General Specification

Operating Temp ﹣30℃~ +35 ℃
Storage Temp ﹣35~+40℃
Type  In-ear headphones
Jack Type  Straight/American Std
Call On/Hold Button 
(Tact Switch)
Microphone   Yes
Impedance  Max. 2.2KΩ 1KHz (RL=2.2KΩ)
Speaker sensitivity  95±5dB (at 1000Hz 1mW)
Mic in out Wire stoppers   Yes

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