Flexible Cables Manufacturers

Flexible Cables are usually Multi Core Cables with multiple cores of wires stranded together in various shapes and sized to get desired shape of the Multi-Core Cable. 

All Power Cords use Flexible Cables and UKB being the biggest Power Cord Manufacturer in India, eventually ends up manufacturing one of the highest amount of Flexible Cables in India. 

Flexible Cables come in various sizes / colors / number of strands / insulation material and are usually controlled with their own quality standards by each country. 

UKB takes pride in the fact of being the only company in India to have global product approvals for so many countries. 

UKB Flexible Cables are exported all over the globe. 

Application --
Installation in surface mounted or embedded conduits or similar closed systems. Indoors, Building Wires, Power Cords and Domestic Electrical Wiring Purpose.

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