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Rubber Cables because of its inherent properties have wide applications in the Industry.

Because of being highly flexible, they are most suitable for congested areas with sharp and multiple bends. They are preferred for Fixed installation as well for flexible use with mechanical condition. They can be made with special abrasion resistant features to withstand rough use in portable equipment. They are suitable for wet, hot or oily environments. They are most suitable for connection of electrical equipment's, outdoor moving equipment, electrical appliances. building sites, measuring & control equipment and in dry or moist conditions.

e.g. Heavy duty elastomer cables in generators, heavy machinery, portable power tools and equipment, moving machinery, submersible pumps, Floater switches, conveyors and control units elevators, lifts, cranes, mines, heater leads, and electric iron leads etc.


Product Construction:


Conductor - Annealed Bare / Tinned Copper Conductor, Class - 2 or Class 5 as BS EN 60228, IEC 60228, BS6360, IS:8130.
- (Optional – Aluminium Conductor as per Customer requirement)
Separator Tape  - (Optional)
Insulation - Elastomeric compound Type EI 4 as per EN 50363-1 / 
Type IE 1 as per IS 6380-1984 for General Service / 
Type IE 2 as per IS 6380-1984 for Heat Resisting Application
Sheath - Elastomeric compound Type EM 2 or EM 3 as per EN 50363-2-1 / 
Type SE 1 as per IS 6380-1984 for General Service / 
Type SE 3 as per IS 6380-1984 for Heat Resisting Application
Range - Single Core: up to 300 Sq. mm
Multi Core: 1 Sq. mm - 2.5 Sq. mm up to 61cores
4 Sq. mm - 6 Sq. mm up to 19 cores
10 Sq. mm - 35 Sq. mm up to 5 cores

Reference Standards:


BS EN 50525, BS-6500, IS:9968/1, IEC60227.


Technical Data:


Temperature Range - (-) 20 Deg C to (+) 90 Deg. C
Rated Voltage - 300/500 V, 450/750 V, 600/1000 V


Light duty.
Excellent Flexibility.
Ozone resistant.
Water resistant and flame retardant.
Oil resistance.
Abrasion Resistance.
High Dielectric Strength.
Long Cable life.

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