High Temperature Cables | High Voltage Cable Manufacturer in India

High Temperature and high voltage Cables are used in various areas where both ambient and working temperatures are high. These Cables are designed with wide varieties of conductors and insulating materials based upon the specific temperature requirement.

These Cables are mainly used for wiring / connection purpose in various heat resistant applications e.g. Steel Mills, Air Crafts, Electronic Devices, Measuring Devices, Hook-up Wires, Thermocouple Sensors, Co-axial Cables etc. 

Various materials available as per temperature rating areas below --

Insulation Material Temperature Range (°C)
FEP -100° C to 200° C
ETFE -100° C to 150° C
XL-ETFE -100°C to 200°C
PFA -200° C to 250° C
PTFE -200° C to 260° C
Kapton tape -250° C to 300° C
PEEK -160° C to 250° C
Varnished Fiber Glass Braid -72° C to 350° C

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