High Temperature & Heat Resistant Cable



High Temperature Cables are used in various areas where both ambient and working temperature are high. These Cables are designed with a wide varieties of conductors and insulating materials based upon the specific temperature requirement.

Industry wise Applications:


Steel - Cables for blast furnace, electric arc furnace, hot & cold rolling mills, steel refining facilities etc.
Communication - High frequency co-axial cables for VHF, UHF and XHF transmission and long life
Marine - Engine proximity wiring for good resistance to high temperatures, fuel oils, chemicals, saline air/ water etc.
Petrochemical - Instrumentation & control, temperature sensing, fire warning etc.
Power - In proximity to the turbines, boilers, ash handling etc.


Product Construction:


Construction - Single Core Hook-up Wires & Multi - Core / Pairs,
Screened & Unscreened and Armoured & Unarmoured Cables
Conductors - Annealed Plain / Tinned / Silver (up to 200° C) / Nickel Coated (up to 260° C) Copper  Conductors 
Heat Barrier Tape - Fiber Glass / Mica Tape / Polyamide Tape (Optional)
Insulation - Insulation Material Temperature Range (° C)
FEP -100° C to 200° C
ETFE -100° C to 150° C
XL-ETFE  -100°C to 200°C
PFA -200° C to 250° C
PTFE -200° C to 260° C
Kapton tape -250° C to 300° C
PEEK -160° C to 250° C
Varnished Fiber Glass Braid -72° C to 350° C
Screening - Individual and/or overall with following options -
Aluminum Mylar/Copper Tape with Tinned Copper Drain Wire or
Braided with Bare or Tinned or Nickel Plated or Silver Plated Copper
Inner Sheath - FEP, PTFE, ETFE, PFA, Polyimide, Fiber Glass
Armouring - Steel Galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, high strength steel wire braiding
Outer Sheath - FEP, PTFE, ETFE, PFA, Polyimide, Fiber Glass

Reference Standards:


JSS 51034, JSS 51038, JSS 51037, MIL-DTL-27500H, MIL-W-16878, VDE 20, UL 1581, MIL-W-22759 / VDE0295

Technical Data:


Voltage Grade - 250VAC, 600VAC & 1000VAC 


High Thermal Stability.
Resist to Chemical, Acid, Weather etc.
Excellent Flexibility

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