LT Aerial Bunch Cables


The LT Aerial Bunched Cables are used in overhead power distribution. These cables provides higher safety, reliability, low power losses and are economical due to low installation, maintenance and operative cost. These cables are ideal for rural distribution, hill, forest and coastal areas. Also suitable for power distribution in congested urban areas as provides better flexibility for routing as per demand.

Product Construction:

Construction - Insulated cores bundled together / laid up around high tensile messenger. 
Conductor - The phase and neutral / street lighting conductors is of H2 or H4 grade Aluminium Conductor (Class - 2) 
Messenger Conductor is Heat Treated Aluminium Alloy Wire / Galvanized Steel Messenger.
Insulation - Specially formulated for exposure to sunlight and outdoor application.  XLPE or PE loaded with carbon black.

Reference Standards:

IS:14255, IEC 60502/1

Max Operating Temp.

XLPE: Max 900 C, PVC / PE: Max 700 C

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