Mining Cable



Mining Cables are designed for both open cast mining environments and sub-surface operations in Mines and are required for both static and dynamic equipment applications, and low and medium voltage infrastructure installations.

These cables are designed to withstand mechanical stress, oil, greases, water, even submersion. We supply mining cables capable of safely working in enclosed spaces, providing protection to people and the high-value equipment in the event of fire by emitting reduced smoke and fumes.

Product Construction:

Construction - Single cable comprising multiple elements like power cores, control
cores, signaling pairs, etc. for multipurpose functions.
Conductor - Class-5 flexible tinned or bare copper
Insulation - EPR Insulation (IE2, IE3 as per IS:6380)
Screening - Tinned or bare copper wire braid
Inner Sheath - Elastomeric Sheath (SE3, SE4 as per IS:6380)
Anti Kink Braid - Fabric braid embedded between inner and outer sheath
Armouring - GI Wire Armoured
Outer Sheath - Elastomeric Sheath (SE3, SE4 as per IS:6380)


Reference Standards:


IS:14494, VDE 0250, BS EN/IEC 60332, BS EN/IEC 60811, BS EN/IEC 60754, IEC 60754-2 and VDE 0295, IEC-60228, IEC-60502, IEC-60332.

Technical Data:


Voltage Grade - 600/1100 V-AC
Operating Temperature - -20 Deg C to +90 Deg C
Test Voltage - 2500 V-AC
Bending Radius - 10 D


Designed to withstand continuous reeling and unreeling.
Sheath materials that have a high degree of flex fatigue resistance.
Excellent heat, oil and fire resistant properties.

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