Mobile Chargers

UKB Electronics has been a pioneer when it comes to making chargers for the mobile industry. Having complete backward integration, UKB has the capability to develop any charger as per customer requirement and get the required certification for different countries.

Scope of Use :-

The unit comes with a direct AC inlet, an output DC plug and provides DC power to a mobile handset. 

This is a Switch Mode Power Supply with built in protections for over voltage, current and short circuit.

DC output can be made in output connectors like S20, Micro USB, USB etc 

Technical Parameters :-

Input Characteristics
Input Voltage 150VAC - 300VAC
Input  Range 85VAC - 310VAC
Input Current MAX 150(mA) rms (at rated input voltage & current load)
Stand-by Power No-Load Less than 0.15W

Output Characteristics
Output Voltage Rated DC4.75[V]
Output Voltage Range DC 4.75[V] ~ DC6.4[V]
Output Current Range 550㎃ ~ 950㎃
Rated Power(2.61W) Rated Voltage (4.75V) X Rated Current (550㎃)
Ripple & Noise 150㎷p_p Under

Working condition :-

Operating Temperature Range 0 - 50℃
Operating Humidity Range 0% - 95% RH

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