Power Cords Manufacturers

UKB Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is one of the renowned manufacturers & exporter of electrical power cords. These electric cords or power cords are cables which temporarily connects a gadget or appliance to the mains of electricity supply. 

We offer power cords in two types: fixed with the appliance or detachable from it. In the latter case, the end of power cord connecting with electric appliance has a female connector. This prevents the danger of facing the situation of a live protruding pin. Depending on clients' requirements, they can choose the ones with twist-locking features, or other attachments for forestalling the accidental disconnection at any end. 

The electric power cords / corsets are made using latest technology as per the innovations of the electrical industry. They are available in different colors & size like yellow, black, grey and many others. The power cords are available in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Insulation or Rubber (EPDM) Insulation which bestows it with features of resistance to grease, oils, cracking, and acids.

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