AC Remote Control

UKB Electronics is one of the pioneers to localize remote control production in India and currently manufactures remote controls for many companies in India for varied application including Air Conditoner, TV, Fans, etc.

UKB has the capability of Plastic Injection Molding, SMT Set Up, Softwatare Developers and thus leaving very little part of the remote to be bought from outside.  

Hence UKB takes pride in being a one stop solution for any kind of remote control. 

Scope of Use : - 

The remote hand set will send an Infra red code to control the Air Conditioner. 

Technical Parameters :-

Operating Voltage  DC 2.3V ~ 3.4 V (Two fresh batteries)  
Carrier frequency  36.67kHz/ 37.9 Khz
Standby Current   Less than 30 uA
Operation Current   Less than 100mA
LED Inflow Current   300mA ~ 800mA (P-P) (3.0 V DC)
Infrared range   8m at straight line & 5m at 30 Deg conical to a air conditioner 

Working Conditions :-

Operation Temperature   -10OC ~ 50OC (<85%RH, with Battery)

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