Telephone Cable


Telephone Cables are primarily designed for the interconnection of telephone equipment both internally and externally. In addition these cables may be used for the interconnection of other communication and control equipment or low level signaling applications. 

These cables are used for distribution in Exchange area and usually conduit or direct burial application.

Suitable for underground applications.

Product Construction:

Construction - Multi Pairs - Shielded / Unshielded, Armoured / Unarmoured for Indoor / Outdoor Application (Upto 200 Pairs)
Conductor - Solid round wire of annealed high conductivity copper.
Insulation - PVC, Solid / Foam Skin PE insulation
Pairing - Two insulated cores twisted together 
Unit Formation - Twisted pairs are laid up to form a unit.
Stranding - Twisted pairs / super units are stranded to form a cable core.
Filling - Water Resistant compound compatible with the insulation compound (if applicable)
Core Wrapping  - Non-Hygroscopic Material tape
Screening - Aluminium tape coated with copolymer on both sides
Inner Sheath - Black PVC / Polythene Compound
Bedding tape - Two helical lapping of polythene bedding tape (if applicable)
Armouring - GI Wire - Round / Strip, Double Steel Tape
Outer Sheath - PVC / Polythene compound 

Reference Standards:

BSNL Spec. No. GR / CUG-01/03, Aug. 2003, CW1308, CW1308B, CW1128, CW1198, CW1423, J-Y(st)Y

Technical Data:

Temperature Rating - (-)15°C to (+)70°C 
Minimum Bending Radius - 15 x overall diameter
Flame retardant (Fire Resistance) test as per IS - 10810-Part 61 / iec 60332-1
Nominal Mutual Capacitance - 0.05 mF/km
Capacitance unbalance between pairs - ≤ 300 pF
Near end cross talk between adjacent pairs - better than 55 dB
Far end cross linked talk between adjacent pairs  - better than 67.8 dB/km


Uniformly drawn circular solid copper conductor.
Twisted Pair, Triad/Quad construction with short pitch offers minimum cross talk and low electrostatic and electromagnetic interference.
Low Di-electric Insulation for Low Loss and High Speed Signal Transmission.

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