Welding Cable


Transmission of high currents from the electric welding machine to the welding tool. Assembly lines and conveyor systems, in machine tool and motor car manufacturing, ship manually and automatically operated building line and spot welding machines.

Product Construction:

Conductor  - Plain or Tinned Annealed high conductivity class 6 copper wires complying with BS 6360 / IS 8130 / IEC 60228
Separator - Non-hygroscopic Material
Sheath  - HOFR / Rubber compound type EM5 Conforming to BS 7655 : Section 2.4

Reference Standards:

IS:9857, BS EN 50525-2-81

Technical Data:

Temperature Range  -  90 deg. C
Voltage Rating -  600 / 1100 V AC
Bending Radius -  6x Overall diameter


Flexibility under rough conditions.
Excellent Flame Retardant.
Highly Resistant to effects of cold, heat and fire.

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