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The electron beam curing in “Wires and Cables” improves the mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. The enhancement of properties thus results into improved physical properties with reduced thicknesses, higher temperature withstand capability, higher current carrying capacity and thus increased life of these cables. Due to improved physical properties and higher current carrying capacity, the cable with less cross-sectional area and low insulation thickness i.e. light weight cable can be used for same application as compared to conventional cured cable.

Product Construction:



Conductor  - Solid / Stranded - Copper / Aluminium Conductor (Class - 2 as per IS : 8130)
Round / Sector Shaped
Insulation  - EBXL – PVC / XLPE
Outer sheath  - HFFR / HF-FR Polyolefin


Reference Standards:

IS:694, IS:1554/1, IS:7098/1, IS:9968/1


Technical Data:


Temperature Range   - (–) 30°C to (+) 120°C.
Rated Voltage  - 0.6/1.0 kV
Test Voltage  - 3.5kV / 5 Minute



Light Weight.
Low Corrosive and Halogen free.
Flame Retardant.
Low Smoke.
Ozone Resistant.
UV Resistant.
Oil Resistant.

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