Wind-Mill Cable


These Cables are used in Wind Energy applications for transmitting Instrumentation & Control Signal and Power in various systems such as rotor blade pitch control, Yaw control, Top box, Anemometer feed back, Remote data logging, transmitting power from the generator to base station etc. These cables are flexible cables made of special elastomeric compounds, so as to meet the higher torsion stresses due to wind.

Product Construction:


Construction - Single / Multi: Cores / Pair Cables, 
Unscreened or Individually & / OR Collectively Screened
Armoured / Unarmoured
Conductor - Annealed Bare / Tinned Copper - Solid / Stranded / Flexible as per IEC 60228 / IS:8130 / BS:6360
Insulation - EPR / Silicone Rubber / XLPE / Polyolefin / HEPR
Screening - Unscreened or Individually & / OR Collectively Screened -- 
Annealed Tinned Copper Braid / Al-Mylar Tape with Tinned Drain Wire
Armouring - Bare Copper / Tinned Copper / GI Wire Braid Armoured 
Outer Sheath -

HFFR/SHF1/SHF2/SH/SF/XLPO/PCP/CSPE/ Special elastomer compound with Oil, Fire, Hydrolysis and Torsion Resistant, Halogen free, flame retardant compound (Black)

Protective Barrier - Glass Braid / Lacquer (as applicable)

Reference Standards:


IEC 60502, IE 60092, IS: 9968/1 OR Customer Specific Design


Technical Data:


Temperature Range (Flexible Application) - (–) 25°C to (+) 105°C.
Rated Voltage (UO /U)   - 450/750 V, 600/1000 V
Bending Radius (Minimum) - Flexing: 6 x Cable Diameter
Static: 4 x Cable Diameter



Heavy Duty Cable.
Excellent Flame retardant, Ozone resistant and oil resistant.
UV Resistant.
Halogen free.
Abrasion and Weathering Resistant.

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